Gifted with breathtaking beauty and extraordinary musical talent Kirsten Harald's life was filled from the first with SO MANY PROMISES.

Nurtured by the love of her immigrant parents, Kirsten flourished, an exquisite flower that even the harsh poverty of New York City tenement life and the grueling demands of musical excellence could not stifle. Winning a prestigious international piano competition and becoming the protegee of wealthy and sophisticated London art patrons, Kirsten's life took a Cinderella turn.

Too soon, though, she learned her first lessons about the greedy passions and the power of the elite of the music world. Too soon she learned the cruel choice she was expected to make--music or love, never both.

But she dared to have it all.

First with Michael Eastbourne, the renowned conductor, she finds passion in forbidden love. Then with Jeffrey Powell Oliver, the society physician, she finds the contentment of marriage and the joy of motherhood... until tragedy strikes.

Betrayed and alone, Kirsten vows to triumph... and to keep the greatest promise of them all.

So Many Promises by Nomi Berger