In the shadows of unbearable tragedy, an unlikelykilling machine begins a one-man war tobring a city to its knees — a battle that will touchthe lives of its eight million citizens including:


  • a writer on the verge of a breakthrough
  • a charismatic ex-police commissioner — and the inside choice for the next mayor — on the edge of a breakdown
  • a beautiful, sophisticated art dealerplumbing the depths of her own fiercesexuality
  • a defense attorney who prefers murdertrials because there’s one less witness
  • an ex-addict who has turned being cleaninto a living, mopping up after New York’snightlife


Pulsating with the lives of its denizens — bartenders and hookers, power brokers andpoliticos, cops and secretaries, editors anddreamers — Lawrence Block's electrifying newnovel reveals the small town at the heart of theBig Apple in all its power, terror, and starkbeauty.

Small Town by Lawrence Block