Joe Mitchell is Hillcrest High's star quarterback. When he and his three football friends first agree to attend the same college next year and keep the backfield intact, it seems like a terrific idea to Joe. So what if the only school offering all four of them football scholarships is small and little-known Ryder State College? At least he'll get to play winning ball with his friends for four more years!

But as the football season progresses, a college scout from bigleague Randolph University appears in the stands to watch Joe play. Then a sportswriter credits him with almost single-handedly carrying Hillcrest High to its victories, and letters from top football schools start coming in. Now Joe begins to wonder if his decision to go to Ryder State just to stick with his friends was too hasty, and whether, just maybe, his first loyalty should have been to his potential. But what can he do about it now -- a promise is a promise, right?

Backfield Package by Thomas J. Dygard