No parents. No kin. Just a drunken old man who'd made the kid his partner taught him to work the wild herds, turned Kane into as tough a mustanger as ever held a rope.

Now the old man was gone--murdered. And with the killer was every cent the two of them had, the once-in-a-lifetime stake of $12,000 that Brazos had sweated through hell to earn.

But Brazos knew what the killer looked like--and knew he was headed for a place called Two Troughs. Brazos would follow him. Brazos would find him--and nothing on earth would come between Kane and revenge. Not the tender pleas of a girl who loved him, nor the hard case gunmen waiting to cut him down, nor the terrible range war that would engulf them all in a raging, bloody massacre.

A Man Called Brazos by T.V. Olsen