Frequently asked


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shipping included in the monthly subscription?

Yes! Shipping and return shipping are both included in the monthly subscription fee. Rebook will be shipping out books on a weekly basis, every Monday, so you will recieve your books a the beginning of your monthly period.

Do I need to have a membership in order to purchase a book?

Rebook is a subscription-based company. Your monthly membership allots two books of your choosing that you will recieve at the beginning of your monthly period and send back at the end of your monthly period. How to sign up: 1. Return to the "Home" page 2. Click on the "Become a Member" button 3. Choose the "Rebook Starter Pack" membership 4. Create a profile by filling out your name, address, and payment method 5. Choose your first two books!

Will I be reminded to chose new books every month?

Two weeks into your montly period you will recieve a message to remind you to chose your two new books for the next month. You will recieve these books at the beginning of your monthly period.

What do I do if I can't find a book I want?

If there is a specific book your are looking for that is not in our bookstore, no worries, head over to the contact page and shoot us a message with the specific title and author. Then, we will provide the book for you on your next monthly cycle.