My name is Maia Dori, and I am a total bookworm. I love reading and can blow through several books a month. I also recently made Aliyah to Israel and although my Hebrew reading could probably use some practice, old habits die hard. 

In Israel, I have found it rather difficult to purchase English books. Either the selection is limited or the price is too high. Not only do I love reading the newest books out on the shelves, but I also believe in the importance of sustainability--buying used books or passing my copy on to the next--so this is how I came up with Rebook.


Rebook is an English book subscription service with the mission to provide a wide variety of books for your English reading pleasure. This is a new company that will continue to grow and change with your help. We are always open to new suggestions so never hesitate to reach out, and if you want a book we don't have, shoot us a message, and we will get it for you!